About Us

Cutting through the noise in today’s media mix is a challenge. The landscape of communications has changed – dramatically. There is no longer one clear path to your consumer. Competition is fierce for consumers’ hard-earned dollars and their attention. And public opinion can turn on a dime in our fast-paced digital world.

Working together with our client partners for more than 20 years, we’ve helped brands create, define and speak their message on a national scale through editorial media coverage, social media PR and word of mouth marketing.

Based just north of New York City in Westchester County, we work with a select group of national clients that benefit from our OTC health and beauty PR expertise, strong consumer media contacts, key influencer database/relationships and digital/online capabilities, along with our ability to garner measurable results on what many in the industry would consider “tight” budgets. Few small agencies can boast these capabilities under one roof, in-house. Why does this matter? Having all this talent within RL&A’s walls is the most efficient, cost-effective way for us to handle your account and provide you with the best results and ROI.

Our ChatteRL&A digital department grew organically as the communications landscape began changing away from network television, and now seamlessly helps us bring client messaging directly to the consumer without the editorial filter of traditional media. This is done primarily through social networking, our proprietary RL&A Influencer Network (bloggers), content and platform development and distribution, as well as behavioral marketing and online advertising. Our ChatterRL&A staff works hand-in-hand with the whole RL&A team to insure consistent messaging and cost-effective account management.