Management Team

Robin Russo, president, launched Robin Leedy & Associates back in the mid-eighties when she left the world of large-agency PR to start her own consultancy. The idea of a small agency servicing a select group of clients was appealing after working in such an impersonal environment, where the management layers rivaled that of some of the agency’s huge corporate clients, and, where decisions were not made by those closest to the work the agency was doing.

Thus, a boutique agency was born, along with the idea that the management team would always remain closely and personally involved in all of the client work. A handful of national consumer clients, including HouseMaster of America, a national franchise of residential home inspectors, and a client for the next 18 years, followed. With a background in consumer brands and services, the agency worked for such groups as the Greeting Card, National Candle and Professional Pet Sitters Associations, and, on projects for Avon and other beauty brands. In 1994, Combe Incorporated, a leading OTC health and beauty products company, hired Robin Leedy & Associates to handle its Lanacane PR work; Vagisil and Scalpicin work soon followed, as did work for another OTC leader, Medtech Inc., which had the Cutex and Compound W brands. By the late 90s, the agency’s focus turned almost exclusively toward health and beauty products and services, where it solidly remains today.

alysonAlyson O’Mahoney, executive vice president and partner, joined Robin Leedy & Associates in the mid 90s and became a partner in 2008. Alyson is responsible for many of the agency’s most creative, award-winning campaigns and has been instrumental in growing RL&A’s consumer and OTC healthcare expertise. She is also responsible for overseeing account operations and creative direction for the agency’s clients. More recently, Alyson has become very active in helping develop the agency’s social media PR department and her leadership in this area has resulted in strong capabilities in this growing arena.