Social Media for Drugstore Brands

Media is evolving at a rapid pace. The way in which we find and share information has changed, and social media is the broad term that’s come to define these new channels that consumers are using to communicate. Social media PR has greatly affected the already-challenging environment that marketers face when trying to position their OTC health brands and get messages out to potential customers. Advertising doesn’t have the reach or effectiveness that it used to, and traditional media outlets are quickly feeling the impact of people spending more time online and less time at the magazine rack and in front of the television. At Robin Leedy & Associates, we have come to understand that driving real brand engagement is now more important than ever.

Building relationships in social media and interactive marketing requires both an understanding of where target consumers are spending time online, what they’re doing, and where they’ll be receptive to product messaging. Finding consumers, however, is only part of the story. Being successful in social media means knowing when to listen, when to engage, what to say and how to say it…and, giving consumers tools to say it for you.

While a number of agencies claim to have social media expertise, few firms have shown results like ChatteRL&A. Our social media division focuses on key strategic goals in branding, awareness, SEO, community-building and interaction, in order to deliver long-term value for our clients. Social media is not a short-term ROI process; it’s a series of steps that marketers take in order to build relationships with residual value for their brands. ChatteRL&A is experienced and effective at helping brands build and capitalize on relationships in social media.