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RLA Gives Back to Agency “Homes” for Holidays

Friday, December 20th, 2013

While all the stores advertise to us what we should be wanting and getting, we like to take a moment to do a bit of unconditional giving. With offices in bucolic Mount Kisco, NY, and bustling Manhattan, we’re blessed to be able to give back and get involved with organizations that support both of our agency “homes.” This year we chose two organizations close to our hearts: Food Bank for Westchester and Second Chance Rescue NYC. If you would like to donate to these wonderful causes, their information is listed below along with ways you can help or volunteer.

And here’s an interesting Ted Talk about how money can “buy” happiness…it’s all in the way you spend it:

Food Bank for Westchester is the core of the county’s emergency food distribution network. It solicits, acquires, warehouses and distributes food to over 265 front-line hunger-relief programs throughout the county, including food pantries, soup kitchens, shelters, and adult, child-care and treatment centers. The Food Bank provides over 95% of all the food these front-line programs distribute to feed some or all of the estimated 200,000 Westchester children, seniors and their families who are hungry or at risk of hunger. The Food Bank receives an average of 102,000 requests for food every month. The Food Bank distributes about 14 tons of food a day and nearly 7.5 million pounds of food a year. To date, the Food Bank has distributed over 100 million pounds of food to feed hungry Westchester residents. To make a difference at someone’s dinner table, visit

Second Chance Rescue NYC was formed on the belief that all animals deserve to be cared for and no animal should ever be abused, neglected or homeless. Their mission is to facilitate the adoption/rehoming of animals of all ages that have been abandoned or given up by their former owners, and place them in new loving homes. The organization is 100% not for profit and relies solely on donations from the public.
For more information on Second Chance Rescue and donate visit them at


Three Marketing Resolutions for 2014

Monday, December 16th, 2013

Change is good, right? And, the beginning of a new year (or planning for it) gives the perfect opportunity for this. Here’s Robin Leedy & Associates’ (RLA; list of several ideas to put on your New Year’s business resolutions list for 2014:

Ad Retargeting: Continue to engage intrigued consumers, or, regain interest from potentially lost leads via retargeting. It’s one of the most cost-effective digital efforts you can do for your brand. According to the 2013 UPS Pulse of the Online Shopper, 88% of participants indicated that they had placed items in a shopping cart, yet left the site without purchasing. Through effective digital retargeting, whether or not you support ecommerce, you can stay relevant in an already-interested consumer’s mind by engaging them in conversation through their internet browser behavior.

Content, Content, Content: Quickly becoming the king force of a marketing campaign is a brand’s unique content. With millions of brands spread across the social sphere (hallelujah social media!), competing for consumer attention has become increasingly challenging. Don’t create content for contents sake; rather, think carefully of how your content will build loyalty and awareness, drive sharing, help establish your specific brand/business as a leader in its category, and answer unique consumer questions that can spark trial. Plus, it can be fun! The content on our brand blogs on both and have served to really increase site traffic for these niche brands.

Don’t Ditch Tradition: Despite the push for all things digital (FaceTime over “face time”), media channels like women’s magazines and traditional broadcast still pull in millions of eyeballs. Balance your tactics with a healthy dose of both traditional marketing and digital/social so you cover all the bases.


Does Size Really Matter?

Tuesday, August 20th, 2013

A colleague of mine from long ago – someone who helped start my career in PR – wrote me an email the other day which I didn’t fully understand. He said, “The big merger between Omnicom and Publicis has to be great for you!” Being a very small agency, I was puzzled about what he was referring to and how the coming together of two giant agencies would benefit RL&A, until I thought about it for a while.

Having started my career at one of the world’s largest PR agencies, I have experienced both ends of the spectrum and I can say without hesitation that on most days, small is better. At least for me, it is. Small means we are less process driven, which allows us the freedom to be more creative in our strategy without having to self-edit. (This is not to say we have NO processes, just that we don’t get hung up on the process vs. the end goal.) Small means my partner and I still get to be involved in the doing vs. the overseeing and our clients benefit from the hands-on attention of senior management on their business. Small means we have the ability to adapt quickly to changes in the marketplace. Small means we can have more control over our destiny.

Bigger isn’t always better – think about it. How do we feel about big banks, big airlines, big utility companies, big cable providers, big healthcare providers?

There’s no doubt that big PR firms can sometimes do great things – just by their size alone they can have great influence and the power to make change. Some clients will just work better with bigger agencies and some will appreciate what a small agency can offer them – which I believe is what my colleague was referring to with his remark, along with the potential fallout from conflicts of interest that may arise from this latest merger. In the end, size does matter, and I’ll stick with being hands on, streamlined, and quick to innovate—in other words—small in size, big on results.


RL&A Discusses Sweeps Success with Votigo

Friday, August 24th, 2012

Here at RL&A, we often leverage Facebook sweeps (among other tactics) to help build brand engagement for our clients. For months, we’ve been working with Votigo, a social marketing platform to execute sweeps. Check out our interview with Votigo from their blog about our latest campaign and our keys to success!


Marketing to Women Starts With Great Relationships

Friday, August 17th, 2012

Mom’s Select Swag Suite held during BlogHer is one of the biggest and most exciting blogger events that we look forward to attending each year because it affords us an opportunity to meet with many of the bloggers we deal with on a regular basis face to face. Let’s face it – email is great for connecting with people, but it’s not the same as putting a face to the name and personally connecting. Personal connections are the key to the Blogger Outreach program at RL&A – our extensive database of bloggers in all different categories – from moms with children to sports, travel, beauty, lifestyle – even disease/condition specific bloggers (migraines, IBS, etc.) – are bloggers we connect with on a regular basis. Those relationships are what make us successful, and what make the results meaningful to our clients.

At this summer’s Mom’s Select Swag, the RL&A team attending included Laura Giardina, our Director of Blogger and Media Relations. This interview – by a blogger of Laura on behalf of our scünci client – is a great example of how marketing to women starts with great relationships.


RL&A Thought Leadership in the News!

Friday, August 17th, 2012

Social media may have flipped traditional, top-down marketing on its head, but the principles remain the same no matter the medium; know your audience, give them a reason to need you, motivate them on their path to purchase and keep them coming back. If you are not reaching or building a qualified audience that actually can impact sales, you’re not a successful marketer…in our book anyway.

Check out RL&A’s EVP Alyson O’Mahoney’s contribution to 914Inc’s recent story “What Every Company Needs to Know About Marketing.”


Visit Us Today at the Mom Select Swag Suite

Friday, August 3rd, 2012

RL&A team members, Laura, Nicole and Jillian, are at the Mom Select Swag Suite at the Park Central Hotel in NYC today talking to our blogger friends about a few of our OTC and health & beauty clients!
We hope to see you here, we have some great products for you, your family and your readers.


Traditional vs Social Media: Who’s in Charge Here?

Friday, July 20th, 2012

Did you see this amazing image of yesterday’s thunderstorms in NYC? If you’ve consumed any sort of media in the last 24 hours, chances are you have. Not only is it a stunning image, but it’s pretty stunning how this one image shared in real time via one person’s Twitter handle has made its way to millions of people around the world in less than a day. I saw it yesterday afternoon on Facebook and then again later in the evening on all the TV news broadcasts and finally it showed up in the papers today – making it old news by the time the early edition hit my doorstep.

This is by no means a new phenomenon. We’ve seen social media take the lead on several big news stories recently (news as reported by real people vs editors), from Captain Sully’s landing on the Hudson, to Bin Laden’s death. Don’t get me wrong, the credibility and skill of journalists in traditional media should continue to be a cornerstone of our news, but it’s still amazing to witness the shift in influence from traditional to social media – reinforcing that social is the medium where 50% of people get their breaking news first.


Are You On YouTube?

Monday, June 18th, 2012

By Danielle Maiello

Public Relations: keyword, relations. We’re here to help you build relationships with your consumers. As is the case in most industries, there is now less face-to-face communication and more online / virtual exchange between consumers and brands. So how do we, as PR and social media marketing professionals, help our clients remain relevant while maintaining a personal consumer relationship? One Answer: YouTube.

There are 4 billion daily views on YouTube; 60 hours of footage uploaded every minute; 800 unique users a year and 200+ million views occur on mobile devices each day. Sharing compelling, creative videos on YouTube allows you to get personal and create a community with your consumers, especially when they’re on the go (it’s my go-to distraction while waiting in line at Starbucks). They get to “see your face” and “hear your voice,” instead of hiding behind a static website …and the best part…YouTube now offers a video response where your consumers can respond to your video with a video of their own…cool right?! Talk about forming a relationship. Check out videos that we’ve produced for clients on our YouTube channel.